01/31/11 Baltimore Escape

I’m starting to think I should temporarily rename the blog ‘Desk Seat View’ or at the very least ‘Passenger Seat View’ until the end of winter. The temperature yesterday was close to 40° but we still have quite a bit of snow on the ground and another storm in the forecast. The kids only had one day of school last week, and with Dan driving the van to work I’ve been pretty much stuck in the house. Saturday morning D decided that we needed an adventure so we went to Baltimore for an overnight getaway. Highlights included visiting two bike shops in the area, and a fantastic dinner at Phillip’s Seafood Buffet. Only 47 more days until spring…

01/27/11 Snow Storm

The bike was moved to the shed yesterday shortly before a winter storm that left us with almost nine inches of snow. The dogs love it, the kids are happy being out of school, and while it’s very pretty it’s hard to imagine any motorcycle rides in the near future…

01/24/11 Photo Collage

D & I did a lot of rides last year, both on our own and with groups. We estimate I rode somewhere around 6000 miles, everything from going to a local restaurant for lunch to a two-night trip to Virginia Beach. We saw some beautiful scenery, made new friends, discovered great restaurants, shared times that would become good memories.

And of course there are the pictures. The Nikon D50 has never disappointed me, but was too big and bulky for rides, really only good for shots at a stop or destination. Other than good riding gear, last year’s purchase of a Canon PowerShot certainly added to the experience for me.

With the added adjustable wrist strip from a Wii remote I had the extra option of being able to take pics during rides, as well as it being small enough to fit in my jacket pocket.

After a recent computer crash I spent some time organizing photos, and of course having nothing better to do <insert sarcasm> I put together this collage of some of the more unusual or random shots from 2010 😉

01/21/11 Winter Weather

I’ve accepted the Post A Week 2011 challenge. Since the focus of my blog is riding the back of my husband’s motorcycle this isn’t going to be easy; thoughts and/or encouragement from readers would be very much appreciated! Riding at least once a week when the weather is nice results in regular blog entries. I haven’t been on the bike since the 1st though. Temperatures have been consistently under my minimum of 40°. D rides to work on dry days and will probably do so more often now that he has some good winter gloves. He’s also quite a bit more cold-tolerant than me 😉

We still have minimal snow on the ground but earlier this week the schools had a two-hour delay because of ice. Not fun to walk or drive on but I managed to get a blog-appropriate photo though!

01/18/11 International Motorcycle Show

Last Friday we went to the International Motorcycle Show in DC with a friend. They had me ‘try on’ and stand up a number of bikes. The first few made me nervous-I kept thinking they’d fall over-but eventually I got more comfortable. I met my match with the 660 lb Fury though; I tried a few times but simply didn’t have the strength.

We also spent a lot of time visiting (i.e. looking at, sitting on, admiring, etc) the Royal Star Venture that D is planning to buy this spring.

I ended up with three t-shirts and a pair of sunglasses…it was a fun evening, ending with a late dinner at California Pizza Kitchen.

01/01/11 New Year’s Day ride

Leesburg VA/Great Falls VA
~90 miles

Last year we did a short ride on New Year’s Day and decided to make it a tradition. This January 1 the temperature was in the mid-50°s so we were able to be out longer. Crossed White’s Ferry, had lunch in Leesburg, and then went to Great Falls. Nice way to start the new year!