01/18/11 International Motorcycle Show

Last Friday we went to the International Motorcycle Show in DC with a friend. They had me ‘try on’ and stand up a number of bikes. The first few made me nervous-I kept thinking they’d fall over-but eventually I got more comfortable. I met my match with the 660 lb Fury though; I tried a few times but simply didn’t have the strength.

We also spent a lot of time visiting (i.e. looking at, sitting on, admiring, etc) the Royal Star Venture that D is planning to buy this spring.

I ended up with three t-shirts and a pair of sunglasses…it was a fun evening, ending with a late dinner at California Pizza Kitchen.

3 thoughts on “01/18/11 International Motorcycle Show

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    • Unfortunately had some issues with the first blog, not the site but my ex 🙄 This was really the first time I’d ever tried on bikes, stood them up, etc. The current plan is to get the Venture in the next few months, the big comfy bike that wouldn’t tear up my back after 250 miles or so. If all goes well with the MSF course I’d ride the Volusia and possibly get a new(er) bike of my own next year.

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