01/21/11 Winter Weather

I’ve accepted the Post A Week 2011 challenge. Since the focus of my blog is riding the back of my husband’s motorcycle this isn’t going to be easy; thoughts and/or encouragement from readers would be very much appreciated! Riding at least once a week when the weather is nice results in regular blog entries. I haven’t been on the bike since the 1st though. Temperatures have been consistently under my minimum of 40°. D rides to work on dry days and will probably do so more often now that he has some good winter gloves. He’s also quite a bit more cold-tolerant than me 😉

We still have minimal snow on the ground but earlier this week the schools had a two-hour delay because of ice. Not fun to walk or drive on but I managed to get a blog-appropriate photo though!


6 thoughts on “01/21/11 Winter Weather

  1. Great shot! And I love the focus of your blog — riding on the back of a motorcycle. So clever, and I’m sure something others (particularly nonriders) will enjoy. Nice to have another post a week buddy – we can encourage each other! 🙂

    • Thanks! When I first started riding with my husband I did a lot of searching for blogs-or anything!-written from a passenger’s viewpoint and found very little. Hope you visit again soon!

  2. Hi

    I am going to live vicariously through you.

    I used to ride a motorcycle. It was my only form of transport for many years. I loved it. Went to motorcycle rallies every weekend with a club. Had my dog sitting on my tank. Did long trips interstate on my own for weeks at a time. It’s a wonderful lifestyle!!!!

    Now I have three kids and no motorcycle. When I’m older and the kids are able to look after themselves I think I would love to get a two-wheel armchair – a Goldwing, or maybe a four cylinder BMW.

    Until then I’d like to follow your adventures.

    • Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting, hopefully as the weather gets warmer here the posts will be more interesting!

      What type of bike did you ride?

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