01/24/11 Photo Collage

D & I did a lot of rides last year, both on our own and with groups. We estimate I rode somewhere around 6000 miles, everything from going to a local restaurant for lunch to a two-night trip to Virginia Beach. We saw some beautiful scenery, made new friends, discovered great restaurants, shared times that would become good memories.

And of course there are the pictures. The Nikon D50 has never disappointed me, but was too big and bulky for rides, really only good for shots at a stop or destination. Other than good riding gear, last year’s purchase of a Canon PowerShot certainly added to the experience for me.

With the added adjustable wrist strip from a Wii remote I had the extra option of being able to take pics during rides, as well as it being small enough to fit in my jacket pocket.

After a recent computer crash I spent some time organizing photos, and of course having nothing better to do <insert sarcasm> I put together this collage of some of the more unusual or random shots from 2010 😉

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