02/06/11 Leesburg

Leesburg VA
~80 miles

Sunday’s forecast was a high in the mid-40s so we decided to do a short ride. This is not jump on the bike and go weather. Tank top, sweatshirt, ski jacket liner, riding jacket, thermal pants, jeans, riding pants, socks, boots, gloves & liners, hand warmers, ipod, sunglasses, camera, helmet…walking out of the house I felt like I was wearing one of those inflatable sumo wrestler suits!

Crossing into VA at White’s Ferry was pretty with snow on both sides of the river. We went to the lunch buffet at Aiyara Thai Restaurant; a bit small but the food was good. I hadn’t been on the bike in over a month so it was nice to get out.

4 thoughts on “02/06/11 Leesburg

    • That’s pretty much the weather here in Maryland. I enjoy living in an area that has four seasons but they certainly aren’t all biker-friendly 🙂

  1. See, that should tell you that it’s too cold to ride…the road is even covered with moisture….LOL Glad you got to ride some…must be nice!

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