02/07/11 Test Zoom

When we did our over night in Baltimore I mentioned that we visited a couple of bike shops. We knew that Bob’s BMW had a Venture in stock, but the listing only had a description, no photo available. The bike was just inside the door to the shop, and unlike the bike show lust this one was in our price range. Decent mileage, really nice color, in very good shape…I wandered around the store but Dan never made it past that bike.

With pending tax refund and profit sharing we decided to go back for a visit and test ride. D rode for a bit and then I joined him; what a completely different experience from the Volusia. It’s so much quieter we could actually have a conversation while riding! And that back seat rivals my computer chair in comfort, definitely a bike I could see myself riding more than my current limit of 250 miles per day.

Just thought I’d share a few pics and a video from our day 🙂


8 thoughts on “02/07/11 Test Zoom

  1. Check out some Victory bikes too before you buy. They are great & have touring style bikes now. I wouldn’t own anything else after having mine!

    • We checked out the Victory bikes at the show last month…really nice but he’s set on the Venture. I’m not arguing either, very comfortable back seat for me 🙂

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