02/14/11 What I Would Tell Myself 10 Years Ago

I’ve enjoyed reading The Daily Post but haven’t written about any of the questions or suggestions. I found this one too interesting to pass on:  What would you tell yourself 10 years ago?

February 2001 feels like a lifetime ago. At the time I was living in my apartment in Michigan, the first place that was completely mine. I was still technically married to the ex, about a month away from the divorce being finalized. Late in the summer I moved to Canada to live with Dan; the following January we got married, in May we moved to Maryland. Since then we’ve moved an additional four times, the last being the purchase of our first home. My ex lost physical custody of the kids and there was a long-and very expensive-court battle over that. I used to get sooo stressed about things like that which probably made them 10 times worse than they really were. I remember often commenting I just wish I had a boring life.

So what would I tell myself 10 years ago? I’m really not sure. Maybe knowing ahead of time what would happen would change decisions & outcomes. Maybe the short answer would be best: things have a way of working out.

I thought a lot about a photo appropriate to this post but this video that Dan recently found kept coming back to mind. Wants compared to needs, changes, dreams…hope you enjoy it as much as I did 🙂


8 thoughts on “02/14/11 What I Would Tell Myself 10 Years Ago

  1. Thanks for a great post and for revealing a bit of your past with us. I LOVED the video! I sit here and think how cool it was for those old guys to travel around Tawain and come alive again. It was refreshing to watch! Thanks again — Marge from Colorado

  2. Don’t you just hate moving….such a pain? Glad you got settled in & are happy. It’s hard to think back & try to change things. If you could, you might not be as good or where you are now. Leave the past alone….LOL

    • Absolutely, and we did way too much moving in a short period of time. As far as I’m concerned we’ll stay where we are for quite a while!

  3. Life’s funny like that. The darkest days really do seem to open the door to far brighter things. It’s what keeps me going. Hope, Faith & most of all, Love. 🙂

    • You’re welcome!

      My youngest daughter has been following Lollie’s story with me…all of us here are keeping fingers & paws crossed that things work out with her potential forever home!

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