02/17/11 Frederick

Frederick MD
~50 miles

The temperature was still close to 70° when D got home from work yesterday so we decided to ride to Frederick for dinner. It’s not exactly a tourist destination but the ride there is nice and there’s a historic downtown area with lots of interesting restaurants and shops.

We like tapas restaurants, and Isabella’s is a favorite. We’ve been there often enough that the waiter recognized us last night. Again we weren’t disappointed with our choices:

  • Goat cheese with fig jam and ciabatta bread
  • Seafood sausage with scallops, shrimp and crabmeat
  • Panko crusted asparagus fries with smoked tomato alioli
  • Mushrooms with cheeses on ciabatta bread

Bonus for the ride home was a gorgeous full moon with just a few scattered clouds for extra prettiness!

Tomorrow is the birthday and we’re planning a ride with some friends. Everything on the to-do list will be taken care of today so I can have a nice relaxing weekend 🙂


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