02/19/11 Wind

I mentioned the other day that we were planning to do a group ride…unfortunately we had a big change in the weather which included a high-winds warning: 30+ MPH winds with gusts up to 60. This was one instance where the prediction was correct so we cancelled the ride and decided to go out for a family dinner. After a bunch of research we decided onย Maggiano’s in DC. This was a first for the kids and I; D had been there previously for work functions. The three block walk from where we parked to the restaurant was certainly interesting with the high winds; at one point we actually saw a woman get knocked down from a particularly strong gust. With seven people we did the Classic Family Style Dinner:ย two appetizers,ย two salads, four main course selections, and two desserts. That was a lot of food…there were two large platters or bowls of each serving. We brought home a box of leftovers from everything except the ice cream ๐Ÿ˜›

And for my fellow sushi lovers it seems that I will be taking a sushi-making class next month thanks to D…very awesome and thoughtful birthday gift!

the only moto we saw all day

8 thoughts on “02/19/11 Wind

  1. I think I know right where that is!!! I used to live in DC nearby, in Foggy Bottom. Maggiano’s is great and their portions are ridiculously huge. Which is FAB b/c I for one LOVE leftovers!! Congrats on your class, btw – sounds like so much fun! My friend Tammy just got a sushi making kit for her birthday. You should check out her blog post on it HERE. I think you’d enjoy it. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I’d definitely like to go back! We had enough leftovers for a complete dinner last night…great meal, the sequel ๐Ÿ˜‰

      And thanks for the link!

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