02/22/11 Describe The Best Road Trip You’ve Ever Taken

I’m a bit late here but a recent Daily Post suggestion was: Describe the best road trip you’ve ever taken.

I’m not sure I could choose a ‘best’. As I mentioned in my About page, I rode over 6000 miles last year. Sometimes a few miles to a restaurant for lunch, sometimes a few hundred miles for an overnight trip. Rides alone, rides with one or two other bikes, rides with a dozen other bikes. I’d be hard pressed to choose a favorite. I don’t consider myself a ‘biker’ but I think I share some of the same feelings from the experience as those who do. For me the bottom line reasons for enjoying the rides in no particular order:

  • getting away from the house and every day routine
  • spending time with D
  • a chance for some interesting photos
  • the feeling of freedom, very difficult to describe
  • time to enjoy my music and appreciate the scenery
  • depending on the ride a chance to be with friends, try a new restaurant, visit a new city

After my Water Tower post The Daily Dish commented that she liked the back of the bike photo. So to sum up my ‘best road’ trip I decided to share some of my best back seat views….

13 thoughts on “02/22/11 Describe The Best Road Trip You’ve Ever Taken

  1. Thanks! I first borrowed my son’s Nikon CoolPix but didn’t like the fact that the wrist strap wasn’t adjustable. When I bought my Canon Power Shot I swapped its wrist strap for one from a Wii remote. It definitely feels much more secure.

  2. Gorgeous photos! You have definitely viewed many great places from your back seat.

    Thanks as well for the inspiration, I was muddling over what to write about for my next post, and now I know exactly. 🙂

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