02/23/11 Sharing The Back Seat – Part 1

Monday night’s weather left us with us snow and ice that caused a two-hour delay for the schools yesterday. Cold temps again today and with rain the the forecast for tomorrow and Friday there won’t be any rides to post about for a bit. I thought I’d use the opportunity to introduce the three other ladies who occasionally ride the back of the bike.

My oldest daughter, C, was the first to show any interest in riding. She is currently 15 but has a medical history that rivals many adults. At three weeks of age she was diagnosed with hypoplastic left heart syndrome, a complex congenital heart defect that is fatal without treatment. She had three open heart surgeries by the time she was 18 months old, and now has a cardiology check up twice a year that includes an echo, EKG, 24 hour Holter monitor, stress test, and blood work.ย She has some challenges with school-especially math, like her mom-but is an avid reader and a talented writer. While we managed to avoid the Justin Bieber bug with all three girls, Cynthia is very definitely a proud member of Team Edward. She is the least picky eater of all my kids, she has a fantastic smile, likes playing the Wii and her sister’s DS, lovesย flavored water, and at times can be a typical teenage drama queen ๐Ÿ˜‰

Here is Ms C, then and now:

19 thoughts on “02/23/11 Sharing The Back Seat – Part 1

  1. You can be proud of your beautiful and brave daughter! Tell her to enjoy the rides and the same counts for you and your other girls of course ๐Ÿ˜€

    I’m a back seated girl too on my Vman’s bike, and loving it!

  2. I love stories of girl power! Unbeatable spirit, strength and beauty! 3 cheers to Mom and Dad who encourage their children NOT to be afraid, NOT to sit on the sidelines! Love the parents who tell their daughter “Yes, you can…and that includes the motorcycle!” You, your husband and the girls are a rocking family…and I’m sure glad I found your blog!

    • She is definitely girl power ๐Ÿ˜€ With 5 children born within 6 years she was always treated like the others…at times I felt guilty about the necessity of doing that but in retrospect it was for the best. And glad to have ‘met’ you too!

  3. Wow. Just speechless. I would live my life in a constant state of anxiety. Amazing the way you can go forward with a spring in your step! May you and your daughter and the whole family have many, MANY years together of riding, reading, writing, eating, and all the other great things life has to offer!

    • My ex has always treated her like she’s fragile. She will never be ‘cured’ but her step-father & I have always felt it important to let her lead a normal life. Thank you so much for your comment!

  4. My goodness, she’s too young to have gone through this much pain. She must have a lot of angels upstairs watching over her and giving her strength, as well as a supportive family. God bless her and your family! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • My mom’s funeral was a few days before Cynthia’s diagnosis. I’ve always said she kept watch over her first granddaughter โ™ฅ

  5. Cynthia is beautiful, you can just see the light in her smile! Sometimes I think God places hurdles in our way to make us stronger people. Your daughter is a fighter – like you – and it shows!

    • Thank you, she really does have a fantastic smile! I definitely agree that things happen to us for a reason, even though at the time it may be difficult to accept that.

  6. I don’t know how I missed this the other day, but I’m so glad I found it. What a gift, this beautiful daughter who has overcome so much. Just as I always say our foster dogs teach us a lot about surviving and overcoming, so can our children.

    • Certainly a gift, she has taught me so much. All the appointments, tests, meds…the only thing she complains about is the stress test. She has a far better attitude than I would!

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