02/26/11 Sharing The Back Seat – Part 2

Of the three girls E likes to ride the motorcycle the most, preferably fast. She is smart, very smart. All 12 of her middle school report cards were straight As, and that included high school level and gifted & talented classes. A few of her ninth grades classes include Algebra 2, Honors Physics, and Honors Spanish 3; quite different from when I went to school a hundred years ago! Recently she talked about studying to become a neurologist. While that may change, I do believe she has the talent and drive to achieve that or any other goal she sets for herself.

She has always been the type of person who marches to their own drummer. Like the rest of the family she loves music and reading, as a teenage girl though she isn’t interested in makeup, fashion trends, or pop culture icons, although she has read the Twilight series and saw the movies. She is a fan of The Office, House, The Daily Show, and NCIS.

Cows and the color purple have been at the top of her list of favorite things for many years. She was also born with a sweet tooth: candy, cookies, ice cream, cake…to her it’s all good!

Then and now of E:

13 thoughts on “02/26/11 Sharing The Back Seat – Part 2

    • I love her hair! She and my youngest son have naturally curly hair…while I’m jealous she often complains about her ‘pigtails’ 😉

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