03/03/11 Basic Rider Course Days 2 & 3

I’ve been sitting here in tears while writing this…feeling quite upset, let down, and disappointed. And that I’m going to end up disappointing a bunch of people including myself. I really did try though.

Day 2 of the course was pretty much the same, the only difference was that we got to sit on the bike used on the range. Still keeping a good attitude…

Day 3: up at 5am, no problems finding the range, a bit cold. Riding was scheduled from 8am to 5pm. We started on time with 14 bikes available for 10 students; by 10:30 or so only four were still running for one reason or excuse or another. Do classroom work for a few hours while the mechanic worked on the bikes, back outside just after 1pm. By 3:20pm there had been so many additional problems-including safety issues-the decision was made to end the day. Personally I had been thru six bikes in that short afternoon session alone!

I looked at their faq this evening, particularly the reason why this class was superior to those given at community colleges: a 25-hour course compared to a 17-hour course given by other providers. This gives us more time riding the motorcycle and we have time for more one on one teaching for those who need it.

Tomorrow we’re supposed to start an hour early, run thru the exercises at a pace that when it seems we’re ‘doing ok’ then we’ll move on to the next. And be able to pass the riding test. The morning forecast is 10° less than today, what reason is there to feel that the bikes will be running any better? I’m not a kid, I need the extra time and not feel rushed. As I write this I have no desire to wake up and drive for an hour only to end up in the same situation. And honestly, I feel that even if the bikes are running I won’t be able to pass.

The course, gas money, and my time have added up to over $400. I went in with a positive attitude, worked hard, yet feel like I wasn’t given a proper chance. But I don’t know if I’d even accept an offer to re-take the riding sessions. I don’t know if I want to go thru that again. There was never a burning desire to ride, just comments from others that formed into an idea. I think I’m a good wife and mom, decent photographer, struggling writer, and the face is that I enjoy the back of the bike. I don’t think that’s giving up…it’s accepting and being happy with who I am and not feeling that I have to prove myself to anyone.

On a positive note we took the written test today that had been scheduled for tomorrow. Without reading the book I scored a 94%.

No photos from today but I don’t like posting without one. This morning while driving on an almost empty section of the highway I saw an absolutely gorgeous sunrise. I have a small collection of ‘sky’ photos and in keeping with the motorcycle focus I’m sharing this shot that was taken last summer on a local ride after a particularly bad thunderstorm. Not fantastic quality but I thought it was an interesting shot.


6 thoughts on “03/03/11 Basic Rider Course Days 2 & 3

  1. It sucks when you sink money into something and it doesn’t pay off. I have a few graduate degrees that have been pretty well useless, so believe me, I get it. At least it was only $400 and 25 hours instead of five years and loans you have to pay back! 😦

    And if you check my blog, you’ll see that you’ve been granted an award. 🙂

  2. Theresa, you are NOT going to disappoint a bunch of people, and most certainly not yourself, since you are giving it all you’ve got! You are spending a lot of money to get where you want to be, getting up early against the negative circumstances and you are showing perseverance. THAT is what counts.
    I do hope things will go better today. You should ask for refund if today the bikes again break down. They should supply you all with good equipment!
    GO for it sweetie 🙂

  3. I agree with Marion! Ask for a refund. Don’t worry about disappointing anyone if you don’t get the ‘M’ on your license. You like the back seat! I do too. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with that. I know you are so frustrated, but the weekend looks warmer. I think you need a ride from that back seat Saturday!

  4. Theresa, that is a beautiful photo – and an even more honest, beautiful post – despite your terrible disappointment. Go to the class. Please. For all that you’ve invested already, it’ll be worse not seeing it through. you did wonderful on the written exam. Even in the unlikely event you don’t pass the driving portion, you tried. And you know what? Maybe sooner or later you can take a BETTER, likely cheaper course elsewhere. Like the aforementioned CC. Honestly, if you are still this upset after the class ends, I think you have a legitimate cause for complaint. Perhaps they’d even let you take the class again for free, if desired. Hang in there. Your blog buddies (me included) know you are a crazy talented woman – and we are wishing you all the very best.

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