03/04/11 Little Things

I subscribe to a number of blogs and decided to make the time to get caught up on recent posts. After that I had the usual cleaning-laundry-blah blah blah plans for myself until I read Stef’s Gratitude List. I didn’t feel quite that ambitious but I threw out the to-do list at that point. Wrote a few quick responses to emails and messages and decided to enjoy some ‘me’ things today, or at least for a few hours. Started a fresh pot of coffee, lit a scented candle, played some music, read a few chapters of a book that’s been sitting on my desk for a month untouched, ate some chocolate. The past two nights I got less than a decent amount of sleep so early this afternoon I took a short nap with the tan dog curled up by my feet. Enjoyed some nice memories browsing thru old photos. All that may not seem like much but I truly believe that the little things can make a big difference.

Update: when the kids started arriving home from school I went back into normal mode: paid bills, sorted laundry, cleaned the bathroom. It was still nice doing something different today and as a further indulgence I think I’m going to order pizza for dinner.

Today’s photo is around 12 years old but never fails to make me smile:


11 thoughts on “03/04/11 Little Things

  1. I fully agree that little things can make a significant difference. I’m delighted to hear you had a terrific day – and thank you very much for the blog link! 🙂

  2. I love days like that. Their rarity makes them all the sweeter. Darling photo. I have one of my girls on my dresser that’s a little like that (sans noses!) – the two of them when they were little. It means so much.

  3. Sometimes the little things mean every thing. I am glad you got a day to just be, a day to just chill and enjoy the quiet moments of life. We all get so caught up, so stuck in moving forward, that we don’t always appreciate something small, like an old photograph.

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