03/07/11 Options

More crazy, undecided weather here. Saturday was sunny and 60°, rainy and warm yesterday, and this morning we woke up to discover that there had been snow overnight. Not much accumulation, just enough that car windows had to be brushed and a reminder that winter is still lurking.

A number of people have asked what I plan to do about the class. I don’t really have an answer. Writing to request at least a partial refund for the cost of the course is a definite. Beyond that my options are:

  • Re-take the course
  • Get my learner’s permit, ride and practice with Dan
  • Continue enjoying the back of the bike

Each option has its own pros and cons. During the ride this weekend I’d occasionally think yeah, that would be nice… But thoughts of how relaxed I was, the comfort of the new bike, and contentment in general far outweighed the ‘what ifs’. I really like my new throne, I’m looking forward to warmer weather and more rides. So I guess what I’ve decided for now is why mess with a good thing?

I very much appreciate all the comments and emails, and will get caught up on responses as soon as possible!

10 thoughts on “03/07/11 Options

  1. Your seat does look mighty comfortable. Do you want to stay where you are just for the fear of moving forward and being able to ride on your own? Just things to think about… although if you do get your license, you might have to change your blog name!

    • It definitely is! I don’t know…motorcycle riding was something I never had a desire to do, it wasn’t a ‘bucket list’ item. I’ve always enjoyed being the passenger and for a long time when learning to ride was mentioned I simply said ‘no’. I honestly think I was talked into it…not out of pressure or anything like that, just people feeling I could do something I didn’t truly want to do. Hope that makes sense 😉

    • Allergy season is starting here too…fortunately moving from Michigan to Maryland nine years ago caused me to lose that problem for some reason. I’m not complaining, some of my kids have seasonal allergies and I know how it feels.

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