03/11/11 Introducing

Lately I’ve been making an effort to cut back on computer time. No particular reason…the weather is getting nicer, kids school activities are getting busier which means more mom taxi time, etc. I unsubscribed from four email lists, cut back on Facebook apps. I still browse blogs and have found that quite a few people regularly do what I call ‘theme days’, such as Mindless Monday, Topic Tuesday, Wordless Wednesday, Thoughtful Thursday, etc. I’ve decided to give myself a lazy day on the blog and starting today I will be doing Photo Friday. Yes, the alliteration is there in sound; I just couldn’t bring myself to call it Photo Phriday or Foto Friday 😉  Simply a photo post, whatever I happen to be in the mood to share.

Today’s pic is a ‘mom’s taxi’ ornament I found somewhere years ago. I’ve been thru a number of vans since then but interestingly this is the same color as the van we bought last year.

Happy Friday!


10 thoughts on “03/11/11 Introducing

    • Thanks…I decided to do this so I wouldn’t get stuck for writing ideas, then I went and missed last Friday lol I start again this week 🙂

  1. Hey, you’re part of postaday AND postaweek- brave lady :)! I’m part of postaweek and I always feel like I’ve got just a couple of weeks of posts left in me. Found you through mindslam. Great photos! K

    • Brave or crazy lol I started postaday with the promise that I wouldn’t beat myself up if I missed a day or two; so far I’ve been successful though. Thanks for visiting!

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