03/14/11 Pi Day

After a busy weekend Mondays always seem particularly quiet, and of course with the time change it’s darker than usual this morning. The March calendar is rather busy, April will most likely be the same. I used to get really stressed trying to get everything done right now, today. After looking at a monster-sized to-do list, I would try to do 10 different things at once, accomplish very little, and end up frustrated with myself. Instead what I’ve found works better for me is making a smaller list of daily goals, something manageable. So for today:

  • vacuum
  • do a dirty laundry round up
  • get caught up on reading blog subscriptions
  • empty bathroom trash cans
  • take the girls shopping for pie and ice cream*
  • organize the mess on the coffee table
  • plan dinners for the week
  • clean kitchen counters

*I don’t know where she got the idea, but last year March 14 I was greeted with the sign shown below, made by daughter #2. Being a way-cool-mom I started what will hopefully be a yearly tradition of pie and ice cream for Pi Day dinner 😀

Update: we now have Dutch apple and blueberry pies for dinner along with French vanilla ice cream. #2 also decided to do some outdoor decorating:


15 thoughts on “03/14/11 Pi Day

  1. You are ranking very high on my ” To Do” list as each daily post rolls by. I’ve found I’m enjoying learning about you…our similarities…our differences. I like that you’ve found the joy of “things will get done…when the time is right” attitude. Nothing makes life worse than the idea that all chores must be accomplished before you can enjoy a stretch of love and life. (Well, at least in my own humble and not so acclaimed opinion 😉
    PI day…now that’s imagination!

  2. Love Pi Day! What a wonderful Mom you are for starting this as a tradition! I’ve been experimenting with a to do list also. Unemployment has left me feeling extremely disorganised! I need to get some sense of order into my life.

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