03/16/11 Some Ado About Nothing Much

Random Wednesday rambling…

The kids are still grumbling about the recent time change, especially the three in high school since there’s no hint of daylight when they leave the house just after 6:30am. I find it kind of interesting laying in bed awake for a few minutes in the dark, the un-yet started new day is a blank slate.

Last grocery shopping trip I treated myself to a Lindt Excellence 90% Cocoa Bar. I prefer dark chocolate over milk but this was too much even for me. Everyone in the house had the same reaction so we ended up grating it and it was added to a brownie mix with fantastic results!

Tonight is an Evening of Theater at the high school which includes A’s thespian induction ceremony. He got into drama a couple of years ago, most likely because of friends, but it was still a big surprise for the rest of us. The school does two shows a year, a musical and a play. While not a career goal I think he’s interested in continuing while in college.

Pet peeve of the day: the fact that the bulk of my morning routine involves cleaning up after other people 


6 thoughts on “03/16/11 Some Ado About Nothing Much

  1. Great idea about the chocolate bar!! My husband bought me one like that and I ended up tossing it eventually.. YUCK. I hear you re: cleaning up after everyone else. I think back to life before marriage & kids, when my apt. was my own.. Ahhhhh.. But then I remember how lonely i would sometimes get. That’s something I rarely experience now, so I suppose all the mess is good for something. Hah!

  2. Love the sharing the random thoughts! I was a Thespian in high school, though I didn’t continue on in college. It’s just a lot of fun.

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