03/17/11 Motorcycle Riding Safety

With five children I have a school file for each of them to save report cards, special projects, and artwork. I’ll admit that as they’ve gotten older the amount of projects and artwork I keep has significantly decreased. A while ago I was sorting a big stack of papers and discovered this brochure on participating in a ‘dangerous activity’ that was an 8th grade health class project for #2. So as a public safety announcement I give you Motorcycle Riding The Passengers Guide to Safety by E 🙂


10 thoughts on “03/17/11 Motorcycle Riding Safety

  1. I wish I had kept the school projects of my daughter. She’s 38 now…and I can’t remember half of the thoughtful things she did for me as a child in school. And that really is a disappointment to us both. I was going through my Mom’s saved memorabilia for her kids…she did do better than I, she at least saved all our grade school report cards. How fun it was to go back and read the teacher’s remarks on us. I guess none of her kids liked school very well…the teachers had very little to say that made me believe we would make anything of our lives! LOL …. I guess we showed them up! (none of us went to jail and we pay our taxes!)

    • I know the feeling…as much as I’ve kept my mom really kept everything. Those things would have been nice to share with my kids had my ex not destroyed them when I was moving out 😦

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