03/19/11 Great Falls

Great Falls VA
70 miles

It was 75° at 6:30pm yesterday with an absolutely gorgeous sky. We did the highway to Great Falls for dinner at The Old Brouge. Took the long way home thru Leesburg crossing back into Maryland at White’s Ferry. I’m in shorts and a t-shirt as I write this at 12:45am…current temperature is 67°, I would love to have this weather year round!

And the dark road to White’s Ferry on the VA side:


2 thoughts on “03/19/11 Great Falls

  1. Y’all were warmer than us down here in Bristol TN! Happy you got to ride tonight! I rode to the dentist…the gals in the office all wanted to get on her and see if they “fit”.
    Can’t believe you guys are warmer than us! Nice day called for again tomorrow? Hope so…

    • The weather is just crazy, isn’t it? We ended up with a nice weekend of good temperatures, today started with a bit of rain but still 60°.

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