03/20/11 Pacific Ocean

Hagerstown MD
? miles
2 bikes

Posting a bit early tonight since D has to be up at 4am to go into work for a few hours. Not much sleep for him after he gets home since we’re meeting for a group ride at 9am. I’m catching up on Facebook apps very important computer work and then going to bed soon.

We did a ride today with our friend Drew (of guardian bell fame); I don’t have the mileage, hope to update that soon. We decided to try the Pacific Ocean Buffet in Hagerstown. It was a typical Chinese buffet-although rather large-with the addition of a sushi section. A very good value compared to similar buffets closer to home. Nice hot & sour soup, crab rangoons, cheese stuffed mushrooms…I would definitely go back! After lunch we rode to High Rock and then home.

This fountain is seen immediately upon entering the restaurant; see if you can find:

  • holiday bows
  • spinning ball
  • lobster
  • deer (?)
  • water wheel
  • conch shell
  • small blue disc-shaped object (?)


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