03/21/11 Berkeley Springs

Berkeley Springs WV
247 miles
5 bikes

Yesterday we did our longest ride of the year so far, and put the weekend mileage total to almost 450. I’m still amazed at how comfortable the new bike is. I’m having some issues getting knocked around by the wind but otherwise felt fine after what was essentially an eight hour day!

We ended up having lunch atΒ Panorama at the Peak in Berkeley Springs. This wasn’t the original plan but no complaints from me; this place ranks high on my list of favorite restaurants. Their food is organic and from local farms, which means that the menu changes seasonally giving good reason for a return visit!

I love French onion soup. We’ve eaten at Panorama a number of times but yesterday was the first time I tried their version and it was fantastic.

The disappointment of the ride for me was when I discovered that yes, I did bring the camera but forgot to take the battery off the charger. A very interesting part of the ride was crossing the Oldtown Low-Water Toll Bridge and I really would’ve liked some shots of that. Again another excuse to go back πŸ˜‰

I’m sharing a few pictures from last year. The first is obviously the restaurant, the following three are the view from the parking lot which were taken over a five month span. Quite a difference in color!

11 thoughts on “03/21/11 Berkeley Springs

  1. Don’t feel too badly regarding the battery. More than once, I’ve discovered I:
    1. Didn’t charge the battery.
    2. Forgot to insert the memory card. (still sitting at the docking station in my laptop.)
    3. Left battery on charge at home, but took my camera

    Each time I do one of these things…I try to kick myself in the flabby part of my backside…only to rediscover it’s a rather difficult action to do at my age. So I shrug my shoulders and make a mental note: don’t forget to get the camera gear set and ready before leaving. You know, if my Mom didn’t ask me if I had my purse, if I had my camera, is my camera card loaded…and so on before I toe the horse into 1st gear (she follows me out the door asking me a laundry list of “did I remember” questions) I’m sure I would leave my head sitting somewhere inside the house if not for Mom. πŸ™‚

    • This was a first for me, argh… We had ridden the day before, and as usual I put the battery on the charger as soon as we got home. I have my routine before we leave on a ride, I wasn’t rushed yesterday, this was just a silly brain fart πŸ˜€

  2. Oh, you have a battery story too! LOL, and it always happens on the important shots.
    I love your blog!!! You made me miss the DC/MD/VA area where I lived prior to moving to NYC. I’ll definitely have to keep up with your back of the bike escapades.

    • Thanks so much for visiting! Surprisingly this was the first battery incident for me, very frustrating. Where did you live in the area? I’m originally from MI, we moved here almost 9 years ago.

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  4. I remember Berkeley Springs, WV with fondness! When I was hiking the AT, my sister-in-law’s mom took me on a day off to the hot springs there – we had tub soaks and massages and it was super reasonable! Check it out next time you head that way!

    The restaurant looks fantastic. Thanks for sharing!

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