03/25/11 Photo Friday

Nandy is laying on the couch in a spot chosen to get both the most sunlight from the front window and the best view of mom. The sun is deceptive though: the current temperature is 32°.

Earlier this morning I got the phone call I’d been hoping to avoid: apparently the ‘probably nothing’ is actually ‘a something’. A bunch of words: Doctor B’s office…biopsy results…precancerous…30-40 minute procedure…as soon as possible…[pause]…are you okay? Am I okay? What kind of question is that? But she was kind and only doing her job so I replied yes and then thanked her for calling. How’s that for irony?

So I now have an appointment on Monday. Since then I started laundry, cleaned both bathrooms, vacuumed, tried to eat, paid bills, filled out some school paperwork, swept the kitchen, took a shower, caught up on blogs and emails, got a few things ready for the oldest’s birthday on Sunday.

The solar-powered pit bull stares at me with her big brown eyes: mom, I love you, come snuggle with me. She has the right idea. I will.

8 thoughts on “03/25/11 Photo Friday

  1. OMG! How could you resist that face all day? She is so cute. She may sense that all is not right with mom and she wants to cuddle to make you feel better.

    I’m sending up a prayers for you and also sending positive, happy thoughts your way.

  2. Seems like Nandy has the right idea. Very perceptive dog. I think she knew you needed extra TLC today.
    Sending you prayers, love and positive thoughts.

    • Thanks for all the comments and sorry I’m behind on responses. I do think dogs are more perceptive than we generally give them credit for. She was a lot of help during a time when I just needed someone to be there, not necessarily talk or explain feelings.

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    • Thanks! Still have the same amount of pain but it’s tolerable…my biggest frustration right now is not being able to take a ‘real’ shower 😉

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