03/26/11 Weekly Photo Challenge: Ocean

Last year around this time we did a ride to Virginia Beach for a two night stay. I think that was the longest ride I had done at that point. It was unseasonably warm, in the 80s. Walking on the beach in a bathing suit was comfortable but the water was painfully cold. I found a sand dollar on the beach that I still have. The temperature didn’t cool down much at night and we were able to sleep with the balcony doors open.

In the morning we watched this sunrise followed by numerous dolphins swimming back and forth very close to shore.

12 thoughts on “03/26/11 Weekly Photo Challenge: Ocean

  1. I haven’t been to VA. beach area with the motorcycle. But It’s on my list. The outer islands and the history of the area has a huge draw on me. Theresa, you captured the sunset, it reminds me of photos taken from space. The ones where you can see the dark side and the light side of the earth at the same time. Amazing colors…I just feel good inside when I look at this photo.

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