03/28/11 Wind Control

After our Berkeley Springs ride I mentioned the fact that I’ve been getting knocked around a lot by the wind on the new bike. D did a bunch of research and ended up ordering a Clearview Windshield. It arrived today, installation was fast, and then we did a quick test ride. I still have more wind noise than on the Volusia, but the windshield significantly decreased the amount and I didn’t get knocked around at all, even going ‘slightly’ higher than the speed limit on the highway.

The first photo is the old windshield in front on the new which really shows the difference in size.


6 thoughts on “03/28/11 Wind Control

  1. Does Dan have trouble looking through it? Vman complains that the shield distorts his view along the sides.

    But indeed the wind is much less. Nice windshield! πŸ™‚

    • While this windshield is taller he looked thru the old one as well, so there isn’t much difference in that regard except for the absence of scratches πŸ˜‰

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