04/02/11 New Pants

Last Monday I ordered new motorcycle pants from RevZilla and they arrived on Friday. My BMW pants are nice but they’re mesh, and even with a base layer plus jeans my legs would still end up cold. It’s a good time of year to buy winter gear…lots of clearance prices, the downfall is finding something available in your size.

I tried them on a few times but I’m not 100% happy yet. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m not used to such a bulky-feeling with the liner and hip armor. They also feel a bit large in the waist but I think I’m between the sizes they offer and going smaller would probably be uncomfortable. Both pants and liner have longer leg zippers meaning I can take them off over my boots which I couldn’t do with my other pants. And they do look nice with my jacket šŸ˜‰

We’re planning to do a ride with some friends on Sunday so that will be a good test. I’m very happy with my jacket, helmet, gloves, and boots…I hope these pants will be the last major gear purchase for a while!

(Click here for a better photo and more information about the pants)


5 thoughts on “04/02/11 New Pants

  1. I need to purchase new gear this year. My jacket is a man’s because it was the only one I could buy that fit my long arms. I’ve since found out that there are companies that have women’s tall/long. The hard part is buying online and not being able to try them on.

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