04/04/11 A Different View

Central Maryland
170 miles
5 bikes

We didn’t lead yesterday’s ride, that hasn’t happened in quite a while. It’s a completely different experience, even for me as a passenger. The knee armor in the new pants needs to be adjusted but otherwise they were comfortable and more importantly they kept me warm. We had lunch at O’Lordans Irish Pub: another restaurant I’d like to visit again.

The past few days have been busy and stressful so instead of writing I’ll leave you with photos from a nice early spring ride:


9 thoughts on “04/04/11 A Different View

  1. I can feel you riding, I am so jealous, as I love to ride. I live to ride! Our weather in Chicago SUCKS for riders. I have to work weekends so not much riding this year ahead. 😦

  2. I’m loving the photos! Isn’t Maryland a beautiful State? I lived in Southern PA on the Maryland boarder…(Near Lancaster, I could walk to the Maryland state line). You’re making me want to go back, love those back road shots!

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