04/06/11 Red Pop

Today’s post was inspired by Leelouz’s World, who wrote about drinking Orange Crush as a child.

When I was growing up I had orange juice with breakfast, chocolate milk with lunch and dinner. Sometimes my mom would get Kool-Aid or Hawaiian Punch, but soda pop was for special occasions like holidays and birthdays. And the only type that stands out in my mind is Faygo Red Pop. In high school I started drinking Diet Coke but I still wasn’t what you’d call a soda pop addict.

Fast forward a bunch of years and found myself living in Maryland. At the time my kids were still living with their father and on one visit they brought a two-liter bottle of Red Pop. Oh wow, hadn’t drank that in ages so after the visit I began a search. Grocery stores, gas stations, convenience stores (what I knew as ‘party stores’ back in Michigan), Target, Walmart…no Faygo of any flavor. Faygo headquarters are in Michigan, ok that makes sense I suppose. But according to Wikipedia, Faygo is distributed in the Midwest, Mid-Atlantic, and Central Southern regions of the United States. And Wikipedia also told me that Maryland is a Mid-Atlantic state. Well, whatever…life goes on and it’s only pop soda (yes, I finally got used to that change as well).

Last summer D and I went on a ride to Pen Mar Park and ended up in southern Pennsylvania. And there, on an end cap of a snack aisle at a Sheetz gas station I found cases of Faygo! We also discovered that a case fits quite nicely in each of the saddlebags 😉

In a way I kind of like the fact that it’s not so readily available here. That makes it a bit more special, plus it’s a good excuse for a ride…


7 thoughts on “04/06/11 Red Pop

  1. I grew up in Michigan, and we did not have pop very often when we were kids either. Once in a while we would ride our bikes to the party store and get a Faygo. Faygo’s the BEST! My all-time favorite was the Chocolate Creme Soda. Red Pop was my second fav. 🙂

    I never see Faygo here in Ohio, either.

    Thanks for bringing back the fun childhood memories!


  2. great that i could inspire you!!! beside crush we always had 7up on birthdays (i still like the lemony taste), and it was not until i was 20 that i started liking coca-cola!! funny that you do not mention either as a soda drink from your childhood.. people outside the US must be drinking it more than you!! have a nice day!

  3. What a great memory. In our family, soda was only for special occasions or when we kids had a little money and could walk to the local little store and buy a small bottle of it. It seems like a daily drink for kids today!

  4. WOOHOO!! Great find!

    Never have had Faygo, I’ll have to sample if I can find it one day. There’s a soda native to Maine called Moxie. I’ve still to try that one too. Maybe I could do a blog post with all these unusual sodas?? My folks live in Atlanta now, and my dad took my daughters to Coke World last summer. The girls raved about the oddity of so many of the flavors — some great, some truly awful! I think it sounded neat.

  5. For my husband it was Tab, which was what they called Diet Coke before it was invented. 🙂 I loved root beer (any brand), but I had a bad experience with it during my second pregnancy, and haven’t been able to drink it since. 😦

    Amazing the power positive childhood experiences have.

  6. I never had soda as a child either, except at parties. Every time I stop by your blog though, I get a happy reminder of my Appalachian Trail hike! The trail goes right through Pen-Mar park, and when I walked through, there was a wedding about to start. Some of the guys in the reception area gave me a Mountain Dew, and it was so perfect and delicious on a hot day in June!

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