04/07/11 A New Title

Yesterday I offically became a sports mom.

A 2008 law gave Maryland school districts three years to develop equivalent athletic programs for students with special needs. Five high schools in our district offered corollary softball last year; the school my three oldest attend started this spring. According to the district: The corollary athletics program is designed for students with and without disabilities who are interested in playing on a school athletics team but do not necessarily have the skills and/or desire to play at the varsity or junior varsity level. Approximately fifty-percent of the participants in the program will include students with disabilities. The corollary athletics program will offer students who have never been on a varsity or junior varsity team an opportunity to participate on a competitive athletics team. Among other benefits associated with athletic participation, the program will provide students an opportunity to participate in social activities, improve self-esteem, meet new friends, and enjoy friendly competition. Athletes will wear uniforms, be eligible to earn varsity awards, be included in pep-rallies, appear in the school yearbook, and participate in awards ceremonies. Softball is played with 10 players on the field. Batting tees will be used for students who struggle to hit softballs that are pitched. Games will be played either in the gym, or on a blacktop outside. Bases are shorter in length, as well as the pitching mound, and a highly skilled player or coach will slow pitch to their own team. Students must be academically eligible (minimum 2.0 grade point average).

N was in a sports club in elementary school, T ran cross country this year for the middle school, but on a high-school level so far I’ve only been a theater mom until now. E decided to join this program, practices began last month, and they had their first game yesterday. I think the kids were both excited and nervous: the first game in a new sport and their school had never won against this team in any sport ever! It was very well organized, everyone played well, and they walked away with a 15-9 win!


8 thoughts on “04/07/11 A New Title

  1. i love “queen of zoom!” that is great about the sports program, i hope we have something like that here when mine get older!

  2. This is AWESOME!!! Encouraging kids of all abilities to play sports and have a great time, it doesn’t get any better. Way to go!!

  3. Congratulations! Being a high-school sports mom turned me from a sweetie to an ugly witch who wanted to scream insults at the other team, the coach and the officials who couldn’t see just how good my kid was. I’m sure you’ll do much better with the pressure.

  4. I hope this program really helps kids WITHOUT disabilities see “disabled” kids as kids and not “disabled kids.” (Usually I’m more articulate, sorry!) Rah Rah mom!

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