04/11/11 Outdoor Ed

Part of our school district’s sixth grade curriculum is a program called Outdoor Education. It’s 3 days/2 nights spent at one of two locations learning about the environment, using scientific processes, applying knowledge and skills acquired in the classroom, etc. For many of these kids it’s their first experience with camping.

When my kids moved here A was in eighth grade, so he missed this opportunity (although I don’t think he’s disappointed about that šŸ˜‰ ) Three of the others have gone and very much enjoyed it; today N leaves for her turn.

Because of luggage, parents are required to provide transportation to the school on the day of departure. N had been hoping D would take her on the New Zoom; my concern was space on the bike for a largeĀ duffel bagĀ and sleeping bag, along with D’s work laptop, shoes, and whatever else was already in the trunk and saddlebags. Not a problem at all, and she was able to start her adventure with a big smile and a special ride to school!


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