04/12/11 Seven Counties

Northeast Maryland
233 miles

This was an interesting ride that included seven counties (Montgomery, Howard, Frederick, Carroll, Cecil, Baltimore, Harford), a number of detours, two dams (Loch Raven and Conowingo), breakfast at Zi Pani, and lunch at the Union Hotel.

This wasn’t our first visit to the Union. It becomes quite a biker hangout on Sundays during warm weather, with pit beef served just outside the tavern, plenty of picnic tables, and live music. We were one of just a handful of non-Harley riders, and part of an even smaller minority not wearing leather. It’s interesting to sit back and watch the crowd, or take a walk and check out the bikes.

It started out as a grey day but the sun broke thru the clouds just as we were finishing lunch, and the temperature was comfortable from start to finish. Not including short local rides this put my total mileage for the year to just under 1900.







5 thoughts on “04/12/11 Seven Counties

  1. Love the photos! They bring back fond memories of growing up in that area. I used to be very familiar with both dams and the areas surrounding them. It’s been a long time since I’ve been to either.

  2. I became quite excited when I saw the photo of the Conowingo.
    I lived in Peach Bottom PA. (A few miles up the road.) Union Hotel was a destination once or twice a month for us then. I haven’t seen PA since 2002. It’s nice to see the recent photos. Thank you for taking me “home” with a photo!

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