04/14/11 Goodbye Neon

Note: I’ve fallen behind again on reading blog subscription updates and responding to comments. I’m posting early in order to devote some time tomorrow to take care of those things.

Some people are really into cars; I am not. My requirements are rather simple: that it runs, has working heat and air conditioning, and a radio that can accommodate an ipod adapter.

We bought the Neon almost five years ago. It was a nice-looking, fun car to drive. It’s had an on-going slow oil leak; last fall it started having some electrical issues and the battery would die if it was driven for only a short distance. In December the power steering went and it hasn’t been driven since. Costs to repair these problems would be more than the car is worth.

Tomorrow the Neon will be towed away. We probably could have gotten a bit of money selling it, but decided to donate it instead. The money earned from salvage or repair & re-sale will benefit Best Friends Animal Society.

Then and now:


10 thoughts on “04/14/11 Goodbye Neon

  1. It’s very nice of you to donate your vehicle to “Best Friends Animal Society”. We have 2 dogs that we got from a rescue organization like this. They are now part of our family and I couldn’t imagine them not being here.

  2. Thank you so much for helping! It’s awesome that you’re donating the car to help animals in need of homes. Our rescue animals have blessed us in so many ways!

  3. You’re my heroine … selfless act of kindness. My pupster (he’s almost 2 years old) came from a kill shelter. Yesterday, I stopped at a shelter near my hometown to drop off some older blankets for the “kids”…. Oh, if I lived on fenced in property. There were a litter of babies I would have taken with me. Heart breaking…

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