04/15/11 Photo Friday

I rarely buy toys for the dogs. They have two Extreme Kongs that I fill and freeze; they also have a basket of other toys that have managed to survive. That’s the key point though: most toys don’t last very long with my girls.

I’d read about different puzzle-type, food-dispensing toys but again wondered about the issue of durability. After reading Aleksandra’s post about these types of toys I decided to give it a try. Yesterday I was out running errands, stopped at our local Petco to see what they had to offer, and ended up bringing home a Busy Buddy Tug-A-Jug. I knew that Nandy would end up it with since since I only bought one; I also knew the rope portion of the toy wouldn’t last. I was right on both accounts.

It’s still functional, even with the rope in three pieces, and she’s kept busy for quite a while trying to empty the bottle. Now to decide if I should buy a second one for Honey or check into a different, similar toy…

4 thoughts on “04/15/11 Photo Friday

  1. i love hearing about and seeing pictures of your girls! we had a tug-a-jug too, an we think it’s just ok. ours makes a lot of noise, and for some reason our piglets think it’s kind of boring compared to the others. the kong wobbler is very popular with our guys, as is the gatorade bottle– which i wrote about.

  2. That is a very nifty toy!! I will definitely have to look into them. Our puppy Roxy is chewing apart anything & everything she can get her jaws round. Two days ago I found she’d dragged the phone from my bag and chewed it apart. It was HIDDEN, beneath the front seat of the car, the phone in the pocket. ARGGHHH!!!! Thank God she only cracked the screen of my iPhone – it still works. But yes, time for more toys. She goes through them like tissues.

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