05/01/11 ABCD Challenge

This is my entry for the ABCD Challenge. I had really hoped for something more creative, or at least better quality but that wasn’t meant to be. Friday we left for a four-day trip and unfortunately today’s weather was basically cool, windy, and rainy.

This shot was taken somewhere in Pennsylvania. That’s my helmet and camera on the left side of the mirror, along with the centerline. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s photos!


9 thoughts on “05/01/11 ABCD Challenge

  1. The photo I wanted to use didn’t show the “centerline” so I had to settle for one I wasn’t too thrilled about either. Glad to see you were able to participate in the ABCD.

  2. It’s the best “Center Line” photo I’ve seen so far. I didn’t do the photo. I wanted to go at midnight to Bristol, at State Line Street, and take a photo of me under the huge lighted sign of Bristol TN and Bristol VA. It would have been wonderful. But my MR. refused to go and take the shot.

  3. Great photo – I love the ‘action’ ones where there is movement. Mine’s a static one, unfortunately, although I had a lot of action dodging the traffic on my favourite corner.

  4. Nice pic but are you the driver or as a passenger? It looks like you are riding the bike but I read your “about” and it says “Riding the back of the bike” 🙂

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