05/09/11 Frustrating Monday

I’m writing this in a hurry with hopes that I can get something posted. Major computer frustration here this morning…it’s on the sixth or seventh restart, I’ve lost count at this point. If there weren’t a bunch of other financial obligations coming up I’d be out shopping for a replacement.

We did three really nice rides this weekend. This is another Monday of what I call ‘ride stress’, although ‘post ride stress’ would be more accurate. It’s catching up on everything that I didn’t get done on the weekend, plus all of the usual Monday stuff. I’ve done some cleaning in the kitchen, vacuumed, the third load of laundry is in the dryer, I have to plan the kids dinners for the week plus assign weekly jobs for them. Facing me on the desk are library books that have to be renewed, a special education parent survey, banking that has to be taken care of. I signed C up with Beads of Courage so that paperwork is waiting to get filled out. There are pictures to Photoshop and I haven’t even started going thru email yet. Behind me on the floor is a 27 gallon aquarium I bought from a friend that needs a thorough cleaning before I can do anything else with it. I’m hoping a rough-start Monday means the rest of the week will go smoothly…


5 thoughts on “05/09/11 Frustrating Monday

  1. Sweet! I love your workspace. I must get one of those! haha Mine is usually sitting on my couch or sitting at the island in the kitchen! Pfft….

    Hang in there girl. It’ll get better! Happy bloggin! 🙂

  2. You’ve got a pretty neat workspace. And that view must make you want to jump back on that bike and take a ride.
    It’s only Monday. Sending you lots of positive energy so that the rest of the week will be smooth sailing.

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