05/12/11 Changes And Gas

Tonight I got my first laptop because of the computer problems which have actually been going on for months. I haven’t spent a lot of time using it…checked email and Facebook, installed Chrome and Photoshop. I’m not a technophobe but I think I’ll be asking the kids a lot of questions in the next few days.

I did bit of shopping with A and C this afternoon. It’s still difficult to believe that I have an 18 year old son who will be graduating from high school in less than a month….

I stayed up late for a reason: the tan dog has had absolutely horrible gas all day. It got to the point where the easy-going husband said There must be something seriously wrong. I have never smelled anything so bad come out of a living thing before. It’s so bad that she’s sleeping with us instead of the youngest daughter. Pit bulls are indeed vicious: they attack with tail wagging, kisses, and toxic farts 😉

4 thoughts on “05/12/11 Changes And Gas

  1. Congrats on the laptop! You’ll never go back to a desktop now! As for the “gas” issue, hahaha I have to laugh as you know I have a Pitbull as well. I used to be the master of flatulence in my house until Titan came along! LMAO We found that certain foods will make him more gaseous than others. Like if he eats chicken over steak, it can be worse. Has his diet changed lately? If not, maybe ya’ll should invest in some gas masks! 🙂 hehe

  2. Willow is a little stinky butt, too. It’s the prescription food she’s on. Isn’t it hard to believe that such a horrible smell can come out of something so cute and loveable?

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