05/15/11 Before & After

Last night T and N helped me finish the computer stuff: transfer over 40 GB of pictures, clean up duplicated songs on iTunes, take down the old computer, clean the desk, set everything back up. There are still things from the old computer that I’m missing but at this point I’m happy with what we accomplished. Feeling rather lazy this evening so I’ll just share a before and after picture:


12 thoughts on “05/15/11 Before & After

  1. I know what you mean. I had to change my desktop about a year ago — I know there are some files that are still on the old computer but have learned to live with it. I love my new computer, especially that it’s so fast! Unfortunately, I still can’t vacuum under my desk. I just need to go get one of those tube things that scoops up all the wires and makes it look really neat.

  2. I’m still without my email address book, a few email folders that I actually need, and bookmarks. I’m starting to think I may have to live without those things though…

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