05/16/11 Last Weekend Part 2

Last weekend we actually went on three rides. The first was Frederick, the other two I didn’t get a chance to write about because of computer problems.

Saturday’s ride involved five bikes and a total of 300 miles. First stop was Annapolis for breakfast at Sofi’s Crepes and then we headed to the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge. Lunch was at Old Salty’s in Fishing Creek. Very nice day!


6 thoughts on “05/16/11 Last Weekend Part 2

  1. What a beautiful day. Looks like a scenic ride.
    I love Annapolis. It’s such a lovely city.
    Your post made me think of all the times I spent there.

  2. I like it too and it’s not that far of a drive for us. Some time I’d like to go and spend time wandering around taking pictures of the old buildings and homes.

  3. Just looking at your photos makes me want to take a little getaway. I love Annapolis, it’s only a few hours from NYC and it is a great place for walking around and taking photos. Thanks for reminding me of a place I love.

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