05/27/11 NC Road Trip: The Night Before

Today was A’s last day of high school, I’m feeling old. Got the big grocery shopping trip done and a list of dinners that the kids can make while we’re gone. Laundry and all the other cleaning on my list have been taken care of. D is in PA, he should be home late in the morning. The plan is to meet the rest of the group after lunch tomorrow and head down to VA where we will stay overnight, approximately 300 miles. The weather forecast looks excellent for this first part of the trip.

This is pretty much all the packing I’ve done: lists and electronics. I always worry about not taking enough so I’m counting on D to help keep that under control. The cabin has a washer and dryer plus I want to have enough room to bring home souvenirs for the kids.

Time to finish on the computer and get some sleep…

5 thoughts on “05/27/11 NC Road Trip: The Night Before

  1. I’m kind of jealous, I don’t have any m/c trips planned for the near future. Ride safe and keep the rubber side down and the shinny side up.

  2. The list and electronics — the most important things!
    I always pack the electronics stuff first ’cause I tend to forget them.
    Ride safely and have fun!!!

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