06/01/11 Home Again

We are home again after a five day road trip. 1730 miles, six bikes, roads in six states, and over 550 pictures. Tomorrow I’m planning to catch up on email and blog subscriptions, and start sorting thru the photos for future posts. For a number of reasons I’ve decided to give up the Post A Day 2011 Challenge, the main reason is that it will free up time for me to take care of other things.

This was my longest motorcycle trip in both time and distance. New Zoom definitely passed the comfort test:  absolutely no pain or discomfort at all. It was a fantastic trip but I’m also glad to be home and have no doubt that I’ll sleep well tonight.


10 thoughts on “06/01/11 Home Again

  1. Welcome home, Theresa!
    Glad the bike passed the test. Can’t wait to see your photos.
    Sorry you’re giving up postaday though. I’ll miss reading about your daily adventures/seeing your beautiful photos.

    • Thanks! I gave it a lot of thought because it felt like I had gotten to the point of posting just to post something. I’m definitely not going to disappear though! 😉

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