06/10/11 Make A Top 10 List Of Things To Do This Summer

A recent Daily Post writing suggestion was Make a top 10 list of things to do this summer. I thought this sounded interesting and fun but it’s actually taken me quite a while to complete, maybe because I wanted to come up with things that stand a good chance of being accomplished. My list, in no particular order:

1 Visit the beach
2 Eat a funnel cake
3 Try the rotary sushi bar in Bethesda MD
4 Do the Harley Davidson vehicle operations tour in York PA
5 Add some new music to my ipod
6 Start putting aside money for our 10th anniversary
7 Find a place that serves a French onion soup that I can add to my list of favorites
8 Get Nandy’s allergies under control
9 Find-and shop at-a farmer’s market or produce stand somewhere near our house
10 Get the last two refrigerator magnets needed for our ‘states we have visited’ collection

17 thoughts on “06/10/11 Make A Top 10 List Of Things To Do This Summer

  1. Hi – great list! For a farmers’ market near you go to: localharvest.org, and put in your zip code – you’re there!
    Looks like we’re on opposite coasts – you in Maryland and I’m in the Pacific Northwest. Enjoy the beach, I know I’m going to, and have a great summer!

  2. Terrific idea! Thanks for the inspiration. PS: funnel cake –oooh YUM. Up here in Maine they have a slightly different variation, called fried dough. Not holey – just solid, but also covered in powdered sugar (and yes, tasty!)

  3. Great list. Now I need to come up with one, too! I would offer to pick you up a magnet next time we go to NC, but since it’s the beach, it would have a beach theme. I haven’t seen any down there that just say North Carolina on them.

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