07/07/11 Unknown Cause

Early last Friday afternoon I headed north to Frederick with two of the kids to pick up C’s birthday cake. This is usually an easy 30 minute drive; not this time though.

Five miles or so from our destination I started to not feel well. Broke out in a sweat, dizzy-feeling, tingling hands and feet…this got progressively worse until I felt like it was no longer safe to drive. Fortunately we were off the highway so I pulled into a parking lot and E called D at work and explained what was going on. I got out of the van for some fresh air and to try walking. That helped a bit but I still didn’t think I could do the drive back home. D checked online for the closest walk-in clinic and gave E the directions; again we were lucky that it was an easy drive without going back on the highway.

I was still so shaky when we arrived that I had A fill out the forms. Got called back after only a few minutes of waiting, explained what was happening. Blood pressure and temperature taken, my heart rate was 130 so they drew blood, did an EKG, and tested pressures while sitting, standing, and laying down. It was determined that I was dehydrated, and two liters of IV fluids and a few hours later my heart rate was down to 98 and I felt comfortable enough to do the drive home. The issue for me was-and is-that there was no reason for me to be dehydrated.

Back home we did our birthday celebration and I felt ok, not 100% though. Saturday we were supposed to lead a ride but not long into it I started to feel light-headed so we backed out. The next three days I still felt ‘off’; not enough to keep me from doing anything though.

And now today? A repeat of the Friday incident! So it’s time to give in and tomorrow I will have to make a doctor appointment to hopefully find out what’s going on….


9 thoughts on “07/07/11 Unknown Cause

  1. I’m a little behind here – hope that it’s all worked out and you’re feeling much better. I was so lightheaded getting up on two different occasions on the same day last week that I stumbled and totally fell down. It scared me but hasn’t happened again so I’m hoping it was some sort of fluke. This post is making me want to go drink a glass of water!

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