07/12/11 Update

The is a follow-up to my Unknown Cause post from last week. A big thank you to everyone who commented or contacted me about the situation. While this is a longer post than usual I’ll give the spoiler right now and tell you that I don’t have much news.

I called the doctors office the following day, and after hearing my symptoms that gave me an appointment for the same afternoon. Good news, yes? Not really. Whet through an exam, my blood pressure was a bit lower than normal, heart rate was checked twice and was 115. They did an EKG and drew blood, I know they’re testing B12 levels and thyroid function, not sure what else. I walked away with a cardiology referral and a letter stating that I shouldn’t drive more than five miles from home ‘until further evaluation’.

So I’m rather frustrated. These weird episodes started earlier this year, now they’re happening more often. Every day I feel not quite right, that there’s something wrong. I’ve put off making the cardiology appointment simply because I already did a consult, EKG, echocardiogram, and Holter monitor with this same office. I realize things may have changed since then, but I honestly feel like I’ll go through the same bunch of tests and like last time, not get an answer. My other thought at this point is to see a neurologist. I think I’ll wait until they call with the lab results and see what my doctor thinks about that idea.

*Update to the update: literally seconds after I posted this my doctor called. Weird timing: is she reading my blog?!? Anyhow, all the tests came back normal….B12, electrolytes, red blood cell count, thyroid. I feel like she just wants to pass me off to cardiology, and when I asked her opinion about seeing a neurologist her reply was it couldn’t hurt. I seem to be getting nowhere with this unfortunately.

On to a photo for today. Like many other parts of the country, temperatures have been very high here. Today’s forecast is 97°…just thought I’d share an older shot from cooler days:

14 thoughts on “07/12/11 Update

  1. Good luck with the test results. Must be a nail-biting feeling to have to wait and see. I’m always amazed how much science is a guessing game, and not “exact science”. Lots of tests to rule things out and deduct what else it could be then. Doctors always say, it could be this, or that, or that. Maybe you’re just tired and need a break.
    Love your photo, it’s very refreshing!

  2. My thoughts are with you. Going through this phase of test this, poke that, examine this and please pee in the cup…. suck. The heightened feeling of stress and anxiety only serves to make matters feel worse. The “Not knowing” and the feeling your doctors are over-whelmed and unable to give a shit is very real. If you live near a teaching hospital, it would behoove you to try to find something going on there that fits your symptoms. Do a google search for studies from the local teaching hospital and see if you fit in any of their perimeters. When the doctors are young and looking for problems, your history will be better explored and your complaints thoroughly checked out.

    • That sounds like a very good idea, thanks. I feel like I’m either not explaining myself well enough or the doctors aren’t asking the right questions….either way going thru these same tests over & over and getting the same results certainly doesn’t help.

  3. I went back and read your original post. This must be very very frightening and I’m so sorry to hear it. My only immediate thought? Do you drink caffeine? The symptoms you’re having could be as simple as caffeine overdose. They’re often overlooked b/c caffeine is so pervasive in so many people’s diets, but I offer it as a possible (very easily remedied) cause. Either way, I so hope you’re feeling right and well soon!!

    • I drink very little caffeine, maybe one soda a week. As far as coffee, late last year I cut back to half-caff, and now that’s mixed with decaf. Even with that I only have one cup per day.

  4. I do hope you feel better. Don’t forget to follow up with other doctors. Great picture! Memories of happy days. Thanks for sharing! I’m not really thrilled with the winter one though… Bring on the heat! Lol 🙂

    • Glad you liked the picture! With the heat we’ve been having here lately I’d gladly welcome some cooler temps; I’m sure I won’t feel that way in 6 months or so 🙂

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