07/19/11 Mid-Summer Randomness

Unfortunately there’s nothing new to report in regards to my mystery health issue.

We did no rides this past weekend but year-to-date total mileage ridden for me is now just over 7100.

Four family birthdays have been celebrated so far this summer, which included taking E to Baltimore for an overnight adventure for her special day.

The weather here has been all over the place, from hot and humid days in the mid-90°s to nights when a blanket was an absolute necessity.

Last week C’s diagnosis of HLHS was added to the Social Security List of Compassionate Allowances Conditions. She doesn’t qualify for benefits now because of our family income, but she will once she turns 18.

I have almost four of my Top 10 List of Things To Do This Summer completed. The ‘almost’ is getting Nandy’s allergies under control. She’ll look good for a few days and then has another flare-up. As least we haven’t had to use the cone of shame in a while.

I’ll do an update on the entire list at the end of summer.

4 thoughts on “07/19/11 Mid-Summer Randomness

  1. When you say you have no news regarding your health scare, does this mean you got your results back and everything is normal, or you’re still waiting for them? How weird this whole thing is. Have you ever considered you could be just exhausted and need some rest, and a cure of magnesium and potassium?

    I didn’t know your daughter had HLHS. Quite a health concern there too but it’s good to know she’s be able to rely on some financial and possibly medical help as a grown-up.

    Good luck with all the health issues and I hope to read some good news soon.

    • Finally getting somewhat caught up replying to comments….still feeling the same, all the test results came back normal. I’ve been frustrated, wondering if this is all in my head yet there are very real physical symptoms. I finally called today and made an appointment so see the doctor and not a physician’s assistant like last time. Unfortunately I have to wait three weeks for that appointment…

      • Dont’ you love how the system works? At least a doctor may have more answers. Just make a list of all your symptoms for your appt. Medecine is a guessing game so often, it’s amazing we call it a science… Don’t leave until you’ve had a serious talk with your doctor and have some ideas what it could be. Doctors are so fast at pushing us out the door. Good luck!

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