08/25/11 Weather or Not

The kids start school on Monday; it’s been an odd summer. Going to the beach was number one on my top 10  list of things to do but at this point I don’t think that will happen. I found out this afternoon that D is going away for five days so there won’t be any rides this weekend. I was at Walmart with three of the kids for the 5.8 earthquake, the 4.5 last night we all slept thru. Now we are getting ready for Irene. According to forecasts this is supposed to be the biggest storm to hit our area in decades. We’ve charged batteries for flashlights, have candles ready, and tomorrow morning we’re going grocery shopping. After working in a grocery store for a number of years I know that isn’t going to be fun.

Today’s weather was odd-this photo was taken from our back yard and was not Photoshopped. I think this is going to be a bad one…

11 thoughts on “08/25/11 Weather or Not

  1. I’ll keep my thoughts on you and the family. The storm is huge…hopefully only a 2 when it hits, but a 3 is strong possibility. Stay safe. And I hope you keep your electricity.

    • Made it thru the crowds in the grocery store today, got gas, made some bags of ice. I think we’re ready. It’s supposed to hit our area late tomorrow morning.

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    • Thanks…I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen a sky that color. All shades of blue and grey, and once that scary greenish color before a tornado but not purple!

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