10/28/11 Weekly Photo Challenge: Hidden

Just took this shot last night:

10/19/11 Somewhat Wordless Wednesday

New Zoom is having some health issues and had to be towed last night. We’re hoping whatever is wrong neither takes too long to repair nor costs a fortune.This is a phone shot and again a reminder to myself never to leave the house without my camera.

10/12/11 Somewhat Wordless Wednesday

I’ve been in a blog funk, or maybe just a funk in general. I posted nothing for the last two Weekly Photo Challenges; in all honesty it’s been two weeks since I’ve posted anything. There are bunches of reasons or excuses but nothing worth writing about. So for Wordless Wednesday I’m sharing a shot from last weekend…in keeping with my blog theme this was taking while riding, and if you look very carefully to the right of the porch you’ll see a motorcycle 😉