Three Sisters…

…and one of them is now part of our family:

Last Wednesday I posted a photo of dog supplies and while responding to comments I let out the news that we adopted another dog. Since we do consider our dogs family members I thought I should make a bit of an official announcement here. Visit Cricket’s ‘About’ page to find out more …


10th Anniversary

Yesterday was our 10th wedding anniversary. Saturday evening we took advantage of DC Restaurant Week and had a fantastic dinner at Vidalia. On Sunday we went to the International Motorcycle Show in DC. D wanted to get a new pair of custom ear plugs, then we wandered around to check out the people, bikes, and vendors. D bought me flowers, a card, and an engraved bracelet; we still have some chocolate covered strawberries to enjoy.

So it was a very nice weekend, especially considering the fact that just a few days before both of us were in bed sick with the flu.