Here’s Bug In Your Eye!

Helmets, jackets, pants, and gloves are mentioned when reading about motorcycle gear. Eye protection isn’t usually high on the list.

Last week we left on a ride after Dan got home from work. Yet another pair of sunglasses were recently broken. When we stopped for dinner he said something was in his eye, which I could see at the bottom of his left iris. A short while later we checked into a motel for the night; his eye was still bothering him after multiple attempts to remove what looked like a dark speck.

We couldn’t find any after-hours clinics so we went to the emergency room. He was given drops to numb the eye. The physician’s assistant couldn’t remove the problem so he was seen by a doctor who identified the speck as a bug’s wing.

It was a few days before his eye felt completely normal again. The day following this incident he bought a pair of goggles. It’s surprising how much trouble a tiny bug can cause!

4 thoughts on “Here’s Bug In Your Eye!

  1. Wow! That is one serious bug! I’ve had bugs in my eye before, but I’e never had to go to the emergency room for one! I wear glasses under my full face helmet. On hot days I sometimes leave the face shield cracked open a little for air flow. It always amazes me when a bug manages to make it past both my face shield and my glasses!

  2. So sorry that Dan had such an annoying experience. Thanks for a post that serves as a “heads up” about the importance of wearing goggles when motorcycling.

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