CN Tower

In replying to comments made on my latest Weekly Photo Challenge I mentioned that I would post more pictures from our visit to the CN Tower. I’d been to the Tower before, but that was more than 20 years ago so I didn’t remember much about it.

The elevator is glass, and as I showed yesterday there is a glass panel in the floor. I stared at the doors the entire ride up! On the observation level there are much larger glass panels in the floor. At first I kind of partly stepped on, which I thought was quite brave of me and enough for this adventure, and then we walked around the entire tower checking out the view.

Back to the glass floors and somehow Dan managed to talk me into laying down to pose for pictures like all the other tourists! It’s an odd sensation….it’s sturdy-doesn’t feel like you’re going to fall-but definitely makes the stomach feel wobbly.

So not only a fun experience but I ended up being rather proud of myself as well 🙂

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