Time For Change

We basically spent the last three summers going on rides; I don’t want to do that anymore. I don’t want to be identified by a machine, there’s far more to me than that.

Back Seat View would have celebrated its second birthday last month. I enjoyed sharing the rides and photos, enjoyed comments from my followers and folks who randomly stumbled upon my blog. The fact is that is wasn’t really me.

After dealing with some health issues and a brief hospitalization early last fall I made some changes in my life. I’ve been taking care of some long-overdue projects around the house, I started cooking and crafting again, I’ve been spending more time with my kids, I’ve been reading books (real books too!), and I now have four dogs! Focusing a blog on something that is me and a big part of my life was also one of those changes.

If you are a regular visitor or if this is your first time here I’d like to say thank you. And if you’re interested join me over at my new blog Queen’s Pits.

Take care 🙂